Success Stories

Revenite are invested in delivering the best possible outcomes for their clients. Beyond technical delivery, we believe in building strong and lasting partnerships, offering best of bread, solutions, services and advise.


Power BI Advisory @ Monash University

The Problem

Monash University required the ability to provide a data and reporting platform to a large number of users (1000+), which enabled Business Users the flexibility to carry out self-serve analytics and build and share reports in a well governed and secure environment from centralised and trusted enterprise datasets.

The Solution

Monash University’s requirements to establish a technical and governance framework was very closely aligned to Revenite’s Power BI Advisory Service, which provided a structured approach to discovery, workshops, research and show casing solutions which made up the Power BI Governance and Technical Architecture suitable to Monash University’s needs.

 The core technical solution requirement was to provide certified and secured data from core on-premise data assets which were both large in volume and complexity. In addition to providing trusted and centralised enterprise data models, both Power BI Free and Power BI Pro business users required access to these models for the purposes of self-serve analysis and reporting.

 Revenite were able to provide a design which catered to Monash University’s requirements through the use of Power BI Dataflows, SSAS Tabular Models with a Live connection through the Power BI Gateway Data Source and managing the use of Power BI Premium for some App Workspaces. This enabled business users to connect to shared and trusted data sources with the Power BI Web Service and Power BI Desktop utilising a single source of truth from secured data models.


Revenite provided Monash University with a defined technical and governance framework which meet their use case requirements, enabling secured and centralised enterprise data models available to Power BI Free and Pro users. This approach enabled business users to work from trusted data sources governed and managed by the BI team and provided Business Users with the freedom to carry out report build and data analytics without the reliance on the BI team.

In addition to providing the governance and technical Framework for Monash University, Revenite also provided a go live action plan, and step by step roadmap highlighting required next steps and clearly defined milestones enabling Power BI implemention and adoption throughout Monash University


Data strategy @ sporting venue

An iconic sports venue with significant historical relevance in the Australian sporting cultural context

The Problem

The organisation faces a number of operational challenges including increasing pressure around event forecasting which determines operational and logistical plans for catering, staffing, logistics, suppliers, security and corporate suites. 

The existing approach towards forecasting was heavily manual intensive, difficult to manage and maintain, and required significant data manipulation.  Forecast accuracy was also highly variable and difficult to rely upon for many events.

The Solution

Revenite were engaged to review and update the organisations approach towards Information and Data, perform a desktop review of leading vendors solutions and to architect a data management solution for implementation. 

Key Outcome

Revenite completed a Data Strategy that articulated a roadmap of modernisation activities, establishment of a data governance model and finalised the business case to support the next stage of Implementation and Deployment.

pricing & profitability @ waste management

A leading Australian Waste Management organisation with a mixture of consumer, business and government clients


No real insights into customer profitability due to poor data quality and non integrated Customer and Finance Systems.  Further, the annual price increase process was hampered by lack of customer data relating to costs and prices.


Revenite ran a pilot on Power BI to demonstrate how predictive analytics could be used improve the pricing process, increase margins, and improve operational efficiency.

The Pilot then led into an Analytics led data modernisation program to improve all elements of the data lifecycle.  The client is currently in the process of moving assets to the Azure cloud, and automating the source data from key business systems.


The outcome was to inform the annual price increase process and drive higher margins for the business, and to provide a roadmap of data modernisation activities.

churn analytics @ social sports betting agency

A Leading Sports Social tournament betting platform enabling teams in a social environment to compete against each other.


The problem for many sports betting providers is keeping customers consistently engaged and active, and driving engagement through regular promotional offers. 

The key challenge for Revenite was to analyse large volumes of customer data for patterns that would help identify whether predictions could be made about a customer's long term engagement with the platform.  This would then enable targeted promotional offers to be made that could directly correlate to increased customer engagement, optimised marketing investment in promotions and reduced customer churn.


A number of models and experiments were setup and run, and through each iteration Revenite was able to provide new and interesting insights into customer behaviour.  For an initial set of experiments, the sample size of data and the specific customer problem provided inconclusive results. This is a classic data science problem - inconclusive results from an initial set of experiments!

However, a further set of experiments were run using a slightly different set of features, which provided a more reliable set of outcomes for highlighting patterns of customer churn. The impact was to identify further enhancements to the platform, changes in the approach towards promotional offers and another planned round of targeted experiments.