Modern Data & Analytics Platform

Revenite’s Data & Analytic consultants are experience in the full Azure & Microsoft Business Intelligence stack and can provide best practice end to end consulting services to design, build & deploy your modern data and analytics platform, whether that be on Premise, Azure cloud or hybrid environments.

Data & Analytic Services

Whether you have an in place BI platform or you are starting on a green fields project, Revenite has the technical expertise to help you Design, build and maintain your platform utilising best practice techniques, using the latest Azure cloud based technology.

  • Design, Build, Test & Deploy Modern BI Solution (On Premise, Azure, Hybrid)

  • Modern BI Solution Architecture Design

    (On Premise, Azure & Hybrid)

  • Data Integration / Engineering

    • Azure Data Factory

    • SSIS

  • Data Store (structured, unstructured, data lake, data warehouse, blob)

  • Real Time Data Streaming

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Data Modelling and Mapping

  • Azure Data & Analytic Services Development

  • Microsoft BI Stack Development (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS)

Solution Architecture Design

Are you starting a green fields project or need guidance moving your BI / Reporting platforms to the cloud?

Do you need assistance navigating the Azure cloud world and want to design a modern data and analytics platform which will be aligned to best practice architecture and facilitate your needs for the now and the future?

Our Solution Architects specialise in architecting Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence platforms. We have designed and implemented the latest LAMBDA architecture approaches which cater for real time or batch data integration and advanced analytics.

We approach solution architecture by focusing on each of the technical verticals to asses right fit resources and methods for your needs.

Technical verticals and considerations include:

Technical Vertical - Data Integration:


  • Real time data integration

  • Batch data integration

  • Security (data encryption in transit and at rest)

  • Light touch on production systems

  • IoT, Event Hub and Stream Analytics

  • Data Factory

  • Data load design patterns

Technical Vertical - Data Storage:


  • Right fit data storage options for your integrated data

  • Security

  • Structured or un structured data

  • Historic data retention

  • Data Lake

  • Big Data

  • SQL Data Warehouse

  • Right Size Data Storage

  • Scalability & Flexibility

Technical Vertical - Analytics


  • Selection of right fit analytics tools

  • Ad hoc data analysis

  • Automated Advanced Analytics

  • Scalability

Technical Vertical - Reporting & Self Serve


  • Selection of right fit reporting tool

  • Selection of right fit Self Serve reporting tool

  • Data exploration and visualisation capability

  • Reporting governance

  • Securing and sharing reports & dashboards

  • Live streaming dashboards

  • Alerts & notifications

  • Scalability to suite number of users