Kick Starter Programs

Want to test the waters before you deep dive into your Analytics or Reporting Platform?

Revenite offers Kick Starter programs which provides a low investment, low risk approach to quickly assessing and proving out the viability of your use case.


Advanced Analytics Kick Starter

This program includes:

  • Identify business problems that could benefit from the ability to predict future outcomes where significant historic behaviour/history exists

  • Scope & Agree on a Hypothesis

  • Data Engineering of your sample dataset

  • Use Machine Learning to find patterns which can be used to “cluster” the data for further analysis

    (e.g. customer, product segmentation)

  • Develop a classification or regression model using Machine Learning techniques

  • Train & Analyse

  • Show Case Results

  • Review & Next Steps

Duration: 4 Weeks

Estimated Azure Costs:

($0 ML Studio for Dev/Test & 1,000 transactions per month)


  • Build of a Predictive Machine Learning model used to analyse large volumes of data and suggest patterns of behaviour which are impossible to identify without machine assistance.  Predictive models can supplement understanding of how people and systems functions in the real world under different conditions and constraints

  • Prove functionality against your use cases

  • Creation of a functional & re-usable machine learning model

Power BI Kick Starter

Perform a two week engagement to demonstrate the power of dashboard and visualisations for a specific KPI or Metric.

This program includes:

  • Scope & Agree on core data source

  • Creation of 1 Power BI Dataset (up to 8 source tables)

  • Creation of 2  Reports and 1 Dashboard

Duration: 2 Weeks


  • Published Power BI Data Model providing a foundation to build additional reports

  • Show case interactive visualisations highlighting trends in your data

  • Prove functionality against your use cases


Power BI Kick Starter - Training

Revenite provide a 1 day training course which helps enable and empower users who are new to Power BI.

Our 1 day training course provides the following content with hands on interactive labs:

Module 1: Introduction to Power BI

  • Power BI Overview:

    • Power BI Desktop

    • Power BI Web Service

    • App Workspaces

    • Apps

  • Interacting with Reports and Dashboards:

    • Interact with reports

    • Create Dashboards

    • Share Content

Module 2: Build & Publish

Power BI Build:

  • Connect to dataset

  • Power Query Basics

  • Model the data

  • Create relationships

  • Introduction to DAX

  • Create visualisations

  • Publish

  • Create Dashboard

Module 3: Advanced Development

  • Natural language query

  • Intro to custom visuals

  • Line Chart with Forecasting

  • Drill Through

  • Sync Slicers

  • Quick Measures

  • Quick Insights

  • Build Mobile Report

Duration: 1 Day

Price: $680 per student (minimum 4 students)


  • End to end overview of Power BI environment

  • Empowered users provided with the ability to build and interact with Power BI Reports & Dashboard

  • Enables Power BI Adoption within your organisation