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Data as a Strategic Asset



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Problems we Solve

Better Ways of Managing your Data Assets

With the evolution of the knowledge economy driven by digital transformation, there is now unprecedented emphasis on exploiting data assets to support better organisational decision making and to help solve complex business problems.  The ability to effectively harness increasing volumes of data requires news ways of managing your data assets.  At Revenite, we can help your organisation to take the next step in better managing these assets. 

Improving your decision making

The challenge for many organisations is how to improve and support decision making through data insights.  This requires understanding what data governance model, data management platforms, data integration, business intelligence and visualisation tools should be incorporated into day to day business operations.  Revenite can provide advice in all these areas to help your organisation extract maximum value from your data assets.  

leveraging the latest Data Science Tools

Advances made in the field of predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and the ease of access via cloud based platforms like Microsoft Azure Data Services, provides organisations with an incredible opportunity to speed decision making and develop greater insights into business behavior.  Revenite can help your organisation to understand how these technologies work, the CAPEX to OPEX conundrum and how they can be incorporated into your day to day business operations. 

knowing where to start

Where you start your journey, and how you will adopt and integrate data and analytics processes and technologies into your day to day operations, is an ongoing and challenging activity for most organisations.  Revenite can help your organisation to figure out where to start, what priorities make sense for your business, and how to achieve value in minimum time with minimal risk.

Sales & Service 

For Sales Executives, the most common starting point is focusing on sales forecasting accuracy, pricing and customer profitability, and the appropriate product/service mix.  There are close overlaps with the marketing function, however, Sales Executives need to understand how these factors impact go to market strategies, customer segmentation approaches, business development and account management activities.    


For Marketing Executives, the most common starting point is around campaign development and execution, and getting insights into customer churn and satisfaction ratings.   

With Marketing organisations increasingly been seen as owner of the customer experience, more sophisticated predictive analytics approaches are enabling Marketeers to influence customer buying behaviors at the right point in the customer journey.

Finance & Operations

Depending on the type of organisation, operations can cover many areas including customer service and maintenance/support, finance, IT, workforce management, route/transport/logistics and inventory optimisation.  

Executive Management

Underpinning all engagements is for Executive Management to understand the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are used to measure the performance of a business or organisation, and how to focus on specific KPI's to drive further organisational improvement and/or growth.  In that way, we identify and address business problems with the right level of engagement and support from the C-Level Executive.

Our Services

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Consulting & Advisory 

Our consulting and advisory services focus on five key aspects – Strategy & Roadmap, Data Governance, Solution & Technology Architecture, Project Management and Business/Data Analysis.  

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Projects & Pilots

Revenite offers are a range of project and pilot services based around: Building Visualisations and Dashboards, Predictive Analytics and Modernising Data Platforms (eg Data Warehouse upgrades or migrations).

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Revenite's key partner and dedicated focus is Microsoft.  We believe the Microsoft Azure Data Services platform is the most comprehensive and integrated offering in the market, at prices that are extremely competitive and with access to a massive eco-system of information and documentation to help you build your understanding.  With a huge investment in the Azure (Cloud) platform, Microsoft is making data warehousing, advanced analytics, machine learning and visualisations/dashboards accessible for small, medium and enterprise organisations.

The following diagram provides a great overview of the comprehensive, integrated and broad set of services that are available:

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For those that are new to the Microsoft Azure Data Services, there are essentially five key areas: 

Information Management

Services that enable data to be ingested into the Azure cloud platform.  Services include Data Factory (Microsoft cloud version of Integration Services), Data Catalog (for publishing your data assets) and Event Hubs (for high volume transactions).

Big Data Stores

Services that enable your data to be stored in the Azure cloud platform.  Services include Data Lake Store (for structured and unstructured data), SQL Data Warehouse (massively parallel distributed relational database) and DocumentDB (for retrieving documents stored as JSON).

Machine Learning & Analytics

A variety of services that enable advanced analytics and big data science, such as Machine Learning Studio, Data Lake Analytics (typically used in conjunction with Data Lake Store), HD Insights (Hortonworks) and Stream Analytics for real time computation on streaming data.

Intelligence Applications

A range of services to support your decision insights, such as Cognitive Services (a suite of intelligent APIs that work cross-platform to provide intelligent data such as facial recognition in images, voice recognition of speakers, and video stabilization), Azure BOT Service (Develop your own BOT services) and Cortana Intelligent Assistant.

Dashboards & Visualisations (Power BI)

Now considered the leading Business Intelligence and Visualisations software suite on the market (Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms Magic Quadrant 2017).  With the shift from IT-led reporting to modern business-led analytics, PowerBI enables business users to quickly and easily create dashboards, connect to a huge number of data sources and publish your reports via the cloud.

Migrating to Azure Data Services

Microsoft Azure Data Services comprises over 25+ key services, and they are being continually updated every month by the engineering and product teams. 

Let Revenite take the complexity and guesswork out of figuring out how to migrate to the Azure data and analytics platform.  With our specialisation and dedicated focus on Microsoft, we can quickly and optimally align your information management needs and requirements with a modern data and analytics environment.  


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